Yuppers’ Winterfire Night for 2010


Few weeks before the event, we were praying and discussing what would be the best topic that will suit the Yuppers. Money? Love? Family? Yes. But what is the one common thing that makes up the bottomline of today’s problems? It’s simply tension. A lot of us neglect the fact that tension brings stress to our lives and could lead us to sleepless nights, to become inefficient at work, to affect our relationship with our loved ones and most of the time, it could lead us to sickness. So we came up with the title, Tension Needs Attention.

Yuppers at Work…

Despite the limited time we had, by God’s help, we were able to hold series of meetings (plus a get-together time with our Yupper friends) to discuss the content of the program. Finally, after much revisions and deliberations, the program was approved and set to go! Thank God for the talented people who contributed their ideas for this event, whew!

Breaking the tension…

July 16th came and one by one, the tables in Kowloon House Restaurant Hall were filled-up by Yuppers coming from work and school. A little exhausted maybe but with excitement at the same time. Who wouldn’t be excited? This event only happens once in a while where you get to see and meet new faces and unwind with your church friends. This is also the time when we come together not as ushers, not as singers, not as teachers, not as healthcare aid but simply because we say, “I am a Yupper”.

Jamming session was a hit. Yuppers from different teams had fun singing with the band. There were even several attendees who bravely volunteered to sing on the spot. All for the glory of God! The crowd very much appreciated the singing and kept asking for more.

The talk, which was a huge chunk of the whole program, was delivered by Pastora Ernie Apostol from Las PiÑas Satellite Church. The drive of the talk mainly focused on the effects of tension to us mentally, emotionally and physically. She also pointed out the “Tension Busters” or the ways of dealing with tension. This is a basic teaching that we, Yuppers who are very much busy, most likely to forget in our everyday lives. Dealing with tension of course is different from how the outside world deals with it. For us Christians, we believe in the power of prayer and that God is just there who we could run to anytime. Aside from that, we have faith that upholds us and sustains us during this time of our lives.

In the middle of the talk, a group activity was done to give chance to participants on how they would deal with tension by creating and flying their own paper planes. This symbolizes how we deal with tension physically and emotionally and how far we could go inspite of whatever situation we are into.

The night ended successfully with a sumptuous meal and lots of music jamming, story telling and picture taking. We went home blessed and overjoyed as we were reminded of simple and yet important things in life that needs our attention.