Don’t we all dread the trip to the local dentist? What’s there to look forward to when we have to leave our mouths agape for hours on end, while listening to our dentist saying, “You my dear friend don’t floss well.” After all, the only reason we go through this whole ordeal is to get our pearly whites squeaky clean again or to get that impacted wisdom tooth out before it causes any harm. Wisdom tooth appears much later than the other teeth, at the ages between 16 and 25 years old, when people are supposedly wiser than a child, hence the term “WISDOM TOOTH.”

The Nugen Team decided to tackle about how important it is that the Wisdom from God is acquired even at a young age, and there’s no better occasion to talk about it than in another eventful Winter Fire Night entitled, “WISDOM TOOTH.”

Tooth De-lights.

When you think of the words “wisdom” and “knowledge”, what is the best image you can envision? For us creative Nugen’s, a cartoon sequence comes into play with a light bulb that magically pops atop a character’s head if he/she gets a “bright idea.” The design team of Nugen all agreed that the best way to portray this is to embed a light bulb inside a tooth. This would hang from the ceiling making it look like we all have bright ideas. This becomes now our message wall where everyone can write their own words of wisdom.

It’s Showtime!

Most Pinoys are familiar with the afternoon variety show “Showtime” where individuals or group are invited to showcase their talents. In our Winterfire version, the hosts had an idea to mimic portions of the show to make the crowd feel like it really is Showtime. Bro Jake, Bro Jericho, and Bro John’s triple tandem hosting made the audience laugh out loud with their funny quirks and quick wits, delivering their “pick up lines” at the KA-LOOK-A-LIKE segment of the program. All were winners that night as we had been granted the privilege to have guests like Sam Pinto, Daniel Padilla, and Sir Chief played by our very own Bro. Zildjan Santos, as every single one of them bore striking resemblance as we all agreed.

Wisdom defined

“Proverbs 16:18 – Pride goes before destruction and a haughty spirit before a fall”

Our encourager was Sis. JL Gonzales and she explained to us how the characteristics of a literal wisdom tooth can be proportioned to our spiritual life. Regardless how the tooth is either fully impacted or how it can be partially erupted, both types need to be extracted before they cause further problems. The same goes for us Christians when sometimes we have to turn our backs from our old ways and bad attitudes before we hurt the people around us.

he worst attitude a Christian might have is pride, and it is confirmed in Proverbs that destruction is the outcome of pride. This would be very hard to take in, because whether or not we admit it, we are all guilty of having some form of pride. God’s message was delivered in an enlightening approach by our Nugen Leader Sis. Weily Santos . The book of Proverbs is in itself full of advice and wisdom from God. If the Bible says to put away pride, then we should exert efforts to do so. Who would’ve thought that the key to wisdom is not by gaining knowledge or having an understanding of all things, but it is in being humble? Humbleness is the key to success. If you want to learn and become successful one day, , you must act as if you are an empty cup ready to absorb all the Godly wisdom. Learning more is nearly impossible if the cup filled with your own knowledge is already up to the brim.
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