Declaring the Whispering Hope: JCTGBTG’s Yuletide Presentation

Christmas is one the most anticipated time of the year. Streets and homes are filled with lights, gifts are given to everyone and carols add to the festive spirit. This season was all the more joyous and exhilarating for Jesus Christ to God be the Glory Church (JCTGBTG) with its unique Yuletide presentation entitled “Whispering Hope” staged last December 19, 2013.

Whispering Hope was a one-night gathering celebrating the real meaning of Christmas, which is the birth of our Savior Jesus Christ that brought hope to this world, accompanied by Christmas carols sang by the church’s very own worship team alongside other talented brethren.

That night, Cuneta Astrodome was jam packed which intensified the excitement felt by spectators like me, and being part of that crowd has already signified an early success. The presentation kicked off with the pop interpretation of “Joy to the World” by Sis. Lenlen Salvador, while amped up by the dancing of JCTGBTG’s dance ministry, C-Cube. The song and dance approach has immediately captured the audience’s attention and energized the crowd. Another popular Christmas song with a romantic flair known as “All I Want for Christmas ” was also performed. The choir’s rendition sounded very similar to the original even engaging the audience to sing along. This, I consider as one of my favorites (and I believe the crowd as well) because the manner on how it was sang could easily put a smile on anyone’s face.

 Tagalog or OPM (Original Pilipino Music) carols also took the spotlight through “Ang Pasko ay Sumapit”, “Pasko na Sinta Ko” and “Sana Ngayong Pasko.” The latter songs about missing a loved one appeared to be classic Filipino favorites. The crowd including myself felt like being serenaded and the venue was filled with cheers as everyone became ecstatic upon hearing two of JCTGBTG’s gifted singers, Bro. Raffy Salas and Admin Leslie Santos. Besides listening to Christmas love songs, there was also a clever use of a movie backdrop showing love-theme clips from the Church’s own produced film “Gehenna” that allowed the audience to captivate the message and emotion of each song.

 Speaking about Christmas carols, mellow Christmas songs will never be out in the list. Other performers exhibited their God-given talents by belting out a modern version of “Hark the Herald” sang by Bro. Knight Kholoma, “O, Come All Ye Faithful” by Bro. Ted Robillos, “Where are you Christmas?” harmonized by Sis. Weily Santos, Sis. Grace Latoza, Sis. Michelle Salem, Sis. Sheena Salem and Sis. Sharon Salem- Kholoma.

 With all these celebratory songs for the Christmas season, we were also reminded that there was a certain Child who was born to begin the Salvation Story, that He would eventually give His life as ransom for all our iniquities. This message echoed from the lyrics of “We are the Reason” performed by Bro. Ronald Dio and Sis. Wawyn Latoza, and “The Little Child” sang by Pastor Rey Malicdem. The songs and the visuals certainly impacted the audience because I found myself moved with the thought Jesus Christ’s sacrifice and His unconditional love for us. Indeed, the HOPE for mankind never ceased but remains until this day.

Moreover, the Yuletide presentation would not be complete without the message of hope and salvation. Despite the event being dubbed as the WHISPERING HOPE sang by Sis. Ningning Fortuna, the Lord, through Bishop Louie Santos has once again confirmed the birth of hope in us. We, as Christians, have been blessed to receive salvation. Our hope, which was almost denied from us because of the plot to kill Jesus, is now in our midst and continues to spread throughout the world. Again, the Lord used Bishop Louie as His mouthpiece to declare the Gospel to those who are still struggling in darkness. God has even displayed more of His power as hundreds of visitors accepted Jesus Christ as their Savior and made the choice to be baptized.

Witnessing people surrender their lives to God gave a profound happiness that cannot be expressed in words. These individuals may have come only for entertainment but it was God’s plan that prevailed during this event. Whispering Hope was indeed another victory and another testimony To God be the Glorians should be proud of.

Let us continue upholding to this hope Jesus Christ bestowed upon us. To God be the Glory!