“Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” – World Health Organization

Nowadays, many people are suffering from different kinds of diseases and this fact cannot be disputed. Most of us have no idea that our illnesses could have been avoided if only we spared some time knowing the basics in preserving our health. With this, Yupper Community Health and Development Outreach Program (CHADOP) formally launched its project of organizing series of Health Awareness Day in as many communities as CHADOP can possibly reach. The project was coined “Kalusugan Rin…Bigyan ng Time!!!”.

The program was designed to reach out to our fellowmen who reside in depressed areas. The approach should be holistic such that aside from being concerned about their physical well-being, this health program also aims to contribute in improving their overall social, mental and spiritual state. A big chunk of the program is reserved for chosen speakers whose lines of expertise made them effective in sharing the fundamental information in the prevention of common diseases such as infections, diarrhea and flu. Additionally, the program promotes adopting a healthy lifestyle to lower the risk in developing a heart disease, which is currently the leading cause of death.

Part of the program is to offer free services such as getting Vital Signs and Body Mass Index. While waiting for the seminar to start, the participants were accommodated by our Yupper hosts.  Simple joys were brought about by the free taho [soy pudding] served to them hot and fresh. The attendees got acquainted with their own neighbors and they even got to meet other walk-ins who were incidentally around the area. They enthusiastically participated in fun games and had received goodies and prizes, aside from the cognitive development they gained from the activity. To spice up the event, the participants were encouraged to get physically active by joining the group dance led by Yupper volunteers. With all the seminar, services and fun activities, Jesus Christ to God be the Glory Church International, through its Project GCCOTE’s Operation Tulong, had also distributed personal hygiene kits, fresh fruits and milk to the attendees. While enjoying their healthy snacks, raffle prizes were being given away.

The most important measurement of success in each activity is the salvation of souls.  Many souls were baptized in response to the Word of God and prayer for healing as delivered by Bro. Chris Nuqui.

Health is wealth, and it’s a cause for celebration.  The Yupper Team is set to celebrate the next Health Awareness Day on the first quarter of 2014. The next community who will be blessed with health knowledge and will get to participate in fun and exciting activities will be advised, so stay tuned!