I Am A New Christian

Greetings to you brethren!

We believe that Jesus Christ will be coming back again for His bride, the church, united as one body, as one family..

So now, as we hold on to the blessed hope, we are being prepared by the Lord to be of one mind, one spirit, one goal…

God has provided us a church where each of us, and our families, may flourish and knit with our fellow Christians, and become one family in Christ.

We invite you to take a closer look at the succeeding pages and get to know our church. You need not worry about your past, because what is important to God is that you have responded to His voice and are willing to take on a fresh start.

We earnestly desire to see you develop and mature in faith with us,
wholly devoted to His purpose.

May our Great God abundantly bless you and your family in every
aspect of your lives.

Bishop Luis R. Santos and Pastora Norma S. Santos
Head Pastors – Jesus Christ To God Be The Glory Church International, Inc.

Getting to Church

Teaching Programs
Our church have prepared these two programs so that you may grow in faith abundant with wisdom and knowledge of God’s Word.

For new Christians, we have laid out a program called “My Father’s House“. Here, new believers are taught of what it is to have a new life with our Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ, and some inspirations on how to enjoy our Christian life.

For our members who would want to serve the Lord and join in any of the ministries inside the church, we encourage them to take up our “Sunday School Courses“. This program is composed of two stages: Silver and Gold Class.