Church History


“A light to reveal Your will to the Gentiles and bring glory to your people Israel” – Luke 2:32

It took a nervous breakdown to make the couple Mr. Louie and Mrs. Norma Santos to seek one true God. Mr. Santos was a businessman, fanatic, devout Catholic believer yet a persecutor of Born Again Christians. Pastor Antonio Gallemit of “Apostolic Christian Fellowship” was sent by God to bring the gospel of salvation to them. Their conversion rescued them from spiritual and physical death and the Holy Spirit remarkably transformed their lives. These testimonies will bring glory to God . . . you as witnesses.

“Brothers, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God choose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong… Therefore, as it is written: ‘Let him who boasts, boasts in the Lord.’” – I Corinthians 1:26-31

God knew Mr. Santos’ potential, then referred to as Bro. Louie and patiently brought him to his higher calling of service. God equipped him with a year of formal bible school education. He hasn’t considered becoming a Pastor until Pastor Gallemit’s prophecy of his leadership. (His bible study members in Blumentritt, Tondo and Marikina in a suggestion of an independent church supported it.) Although Bro. Louie was aware of the vital nature of such task, without hesitation he responded to God’s calling with the assurance given to him on Psalm 118.


Upon God’s blessing, “Jesus Christ to God be the Glory Church” started as an independent church on December 8, 1985. It was held at 170 Calamba St, Cor. Don Pepe Sts. Sta Mesa Heights, Quezon City a former residence of the Santos family, now known as the Mission House. Attendees ranged from 120 to 200. The Holy Spirit fuelled the church with the energy of faith according to Acts Chapter 2 enabling them to conquer souls in every place God has led them.

Every decision of the young church was made under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. An ordered structure has been defined by God’s given ability of leadership to Pastor Louie. Matters such as worship procedures, leadership standards, administration, etc., has also been set. The church’s discipline was likely to be noticed.

The church at a young age had to combat various deceptions of Satan contrast with the truth revealed by God. In the Old Testament, God’s people (Israel) battles tend to be a racial struggle, the most vicious bloody war (Holy War). When the Messiah finally emerged, instead of conquering armies His disciples were commanded to go as “bearer of the Good News”. By that time, persecutions broke out against the early church. Nowadays such kind of harassment is a little percentage of Satan’s league against the children of God. He will let you live, taking advantage of human weaknesses by twisting the truth. But God patiently teaches and gives wisdom for every threat of evil.



*On the 1st Anniversary of the church, Bro. Louie was ordained as Pastor


*Sunday Service was moved from their garments factory to a neighbor’s vacant lot where 200 regular members attended.


*The first extension church was established in Bulacan headed by Pastor Ron Ege.
The first concert was held at Trinity College Gym.


*From 500, attendees reached 2,000. Sunday Service was held at the Trinity College Gym.


*The Radio Program “Friends Again” was aired at DWOO.


*Business operations of the garments factory totally ceased. The place became the Mission House that serves as the church’s main office and where full-time workers reside.


*Friends Again was telecast at IBC Channel 13.

January 1995

*Sunday Service was held along Calamba Street
*Two (2) consecutive services were conducted at Star Mall in Mandaluyong (formerly Manuela Mall).

October 1995

*Sunday Service was moved to Balete Drive, Quezon City.

August 1996

*Sunday Service was again moved to Quezon Memorial Circle, also in Quezon City.

May 2001

*Sunday Worship Service was conducted at Cuneta Astrodome in Pasay City.


*The birth of ID04: Infinite Devotion 2004

January 2005

*Pastor Louie’s eldest daughter, Sis. Leslie Santos, was entrusted by God with a responsibility of the Church’s administration
*The Marketing & Promotions team was born and sold the first edition of Church Team Uniforms
*The Church Logo was changed from simple text to the map logo

February 2005

*The Church Teams (United Adam, Blooming Rose, Yuppers, Nugen, Hobbits & Cubs) were launched during the 19th anniversary celebration
*The birth of functional teams with new team names: Comrades, Faces, Healthcare, Mums, Stage Production, PYD, Gen-X, Entice, Soul Processor, Graphic Arts & Visuals, Creative Design
*The first Nugen Acquaintance Party was held at the Dapitan Sports Plaza

March 2005

*The first Garage Sale was held at the Mission House

April 2005

*The first Yupper Acquaintance Party was held at the Cojuangco Gardens

May 2005

*The first Team Intramurals was held at the Philsports Arena (ULTRA)

September 2005

*The first Team Camp was held at the Rizal Re-Creation Center

October 2005

*The Businessmen & Professionals’ Anniversary Celebration – I.D.0.4. Mini Concert was moved from Kowloon Restaurant to the PICC Forum

November 2005

>The first Synergy Concert was held at the Dapitan Sports Complex

December 2005

*The first I.D.0.4. Album was launched during the Freedom Concert
*The first drama-dance play was staged during the Freedom Concert

January 2006

*The United Adam and Blooming Rose team was unified to form the Achievers Team

March 2006

*The first I.D.0.4. Mall Tour was held at the SM City Sucat and the first I.D.0.4. newspaper write-ups were released through Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin and Tempo
*The first Yupper Team Conference was held at the Amoranto Stadium
*The first Nugen Team Conference was held at Dapitan Sports Plaza
*The first InkToAct scriptwriting contest was launched

April 2006

*The first film of JCTGBTG entitled: “Ama Patawarin Mo Sila…” was shown at the QC Circle
*The first Achievers Team Conference was held at the Amoranto Stadium

August 2006

*The JCTGBTG Official Website was launched at the Hok Chiu Restaurant

October 2006

*The first Family Fun Day was held at the Rizal Memorial Stadium

December 2006

*The I.D.0.4. Second Album – “Unmoved Mover” was launched during the annual concert

April 2007

*The new format for Friends Again was launched

May 2007

*The first Yupper Couples’ Night was held at the Philam Homeowners Association Inc. (PHAI) Clubhouse

July 2007

*The birth of Project GCCOTE
*The birth of C-Cube: the dance and drama team formed from former PYD, Gen-X and Entice Drama Club
*The first I.D.0.4. Campus Tour was held at the Mapua Institute of Technology
*The first stage play was launched at the Amoranto Theater Hall entitled: Sa Kabila Ng Lahat

October 2007

*The I.D.0.4. Downloadable Ring Tones was launched

December 2007

*The I.D.0.4. Annual Concert was held at the Araneta Coliseum for the first time

April 2008

*Friends Again was moved to Studio 23
*The first Achievers’ Business Club Seminar was held at the QC Sports Club

May 2008

*The first Winterfire Night was held at Montgomery Hall, QC

August 2008

*The start of Medical and Dental Missions

December 2008

*The first ticketed I.D.0.4. concert was held at the Araneta Coliseum

April 2009

*The second full-length film “MAGDALENA” premiered at Quezon City Sports Club

December 2009

*“STRENGTH” concert at Araneta Coliseum

January 2010

*Ministry Policies were established and cascaded to all Part-Time Workers

February 2010

*Inauguration of the Jesus Christ To God Be The Glory CHURCH CENTER

June 2010

*The first ONE GOD MUSIC CONFERENCE was held at Kowloon House Restaurant housing the praise and worship teams from satellite churches all over the country

March 2011

*The series of I.D.0.4. Concert tours commenced at Pampanga

August 2011

*The first out-of-the-country I.D.O.4. concert tour was held at Fukuyama, Japan

September 2011

*The first Children’s Day Celebration was held at the Church Center

Twenty years have gone by and still the power of God hasn’t changed. Before a 7,000 congregation, 30 believers started. Before a mighty warrior came, a wounded warrior fought. Before an amazing grace, suffering to the cross was endured. And before everlasting life, our own earthly life died for our Lord Jesus Christ. The short remaining time is our role to play, let’s make the rest a history of success giving all the glory to God and God alone!