Mission & Vision

To spread the true meaning of the Gospel written in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, executed in Acts 2:38 based on Romans 6:2-4, in all the world, through whatever ways and means, and teach members to obey biblical sound doctrine according to Matthew 28:20.

A heart-changes, life-transformed community of Christians based on Matthew 23:26 and Romans 12:2, cultured by the ministry of encouragement.

Message from Bishop

Allow us to divert your attention to a happiness that can never be bought…
to a life more pleasant knowing that we are never alone…
to the key to an abundantly blessed life…Bishop Luis R. Santos

God has provided us a church where each of us, and our families, may flourish and knit with our fellow Christians, and become one family in Christ. We have been blessed with various ways of reaching out to you through our worthwhile PROJECT GCCOTE, through our inspiring Television Program, FRIENDS AGAIN and through our home grown worship team, I.D.O.4. who constantly instills Spirit filled music straight to our souls. Take a closer look at the succeeding pages and get to know our CHURCH.

You need not worry about your past, because what is important to God is that you have responded to His voice and are willing to take on a fresh start. We earnestly desire to see you develop and mature in faith with us, wholly devoted to His purpose.

Bishop Luis R. Santos
Founder/Head Pastor
Jesus Christ To God Be The Glory Church International