About: Achievers


The Wisdom holders, age group of 49 years and up. Their Chant: “We may have lost count of the silver strands on our now wiser heads but 49 or above is a great age to still look our best. What we have become is a humbling experience accomplished solely by wisdom dispensed perfectly here on earth… emanating only from above. Yes, we owe the world but most of all, we owe our God. And that is why, what matters most to us now is to leave behind a legacy for all the world to have. Where we are now is where everyone else will be. What we’ve done is for the younger ones to know… that one day, they’ll soon be Achievers like us, never stopping, still on the go.

Leaders: Bro. George Lim and Sis. Sol Ching

  • Achievers Business Club
  • Achievers Prayer Warriors
  • Achievers Young at Heart


About: Yuppers

The Action-takers, adults ages 26 to 48. Their Claim: “We are the largest force comprising our church, varying from the ones who may either be fresh graduates and newbies in the real world, or may also be as experienced and successful persons in our own rights. The Yupper Team’s modern generation are always ahead of their time. In the Kingdom of God, we are the age of revival. Spirit-filled, highly active, servants of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Leader: Bro. Moses Kholoma

  • Yupper Organizing Committee
  • Yupper CHADOP
  • Yupper Winterfire
  • Yupper Coffeetalks

Find us at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/YupperJCTGBTGMainPage/


About: Nugen

The Adventure-packed young ones ages 13 to 25. Their Statement: “Nugen is JCTGBTG’s youth group composed of multi-talented and exuberant individuals. We aim to redirect our youthful passion towards God and radiate a blissful aura inside the church. We are living testimonies proving that Christian life is not necessarily colorless or boring. Energetic servants, Soulful worshippers ages 13 to 22… NUGENS ARE CERTIFIED JESUS LOVERS!

Leader: Bro Jake Jayme

  • Nugen Children Community Outreach Project
    • Velasquez, Tondo, Manila
  • Nugen Winterfire
  • Nugen Coffeetalks

Find us at Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NugenJCTGBTGMainOfficial/

About: Cubs and Hobbits


The Fresh, Bubbly, and Endearing toddlers and kids ages 4 to 12. Their Cheer: “We cheer for God, that’s what we do. At our age, we’re never blue. We hear His word and that is true. Stand at once when we hear His cue. We’re the Cubs and Hobbits, young and bright! We are young, we are raw, and we may lack the height. But we too are fast and we can be as bright. At 4 to 12, we may not be as strong, but for our God, we’ll never run from a good fight! We’re the Cubs and Hobbits, yes, that’s right!

Leader: Sis. Melody Aquino