ambassadors for Christ

They are representatives for Christ, and as presentable ambassadors, they are privileged to grab the opportunity to be used as God’s hand in paving way for financial blessings to pour down on our church. It’s an opportunity they never dared pass up on.

Leader: Sis. Marlyn Ong

Worship and Creative Arts Team


Better known as people whose weekend gimmicks are practices and rehearsals, and whose hang out is the Church Center. In effect, they get more of the healthy dose than the prescribed amount of worshipping and praising. They are held liable in setting the ambiance for us to connect to God’s heart, paving an easy way for the Word of God to be planted and to grow in our hearts.

Worship Leader: Admin. Leslie Santos

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C-CUBE = Change for Christ’s Cause dancers and actors are not mathematicians. But they could very well be. They have made wide contributions toward good changes resulting to more than a triple. They added more zest to our Christian lives through their meaningful moves adding to a new expression of praise and worship.

Leader: Sis. Gayle Lim

creative design

What could very well be a better backdrop than white and blue curtains that would inspire us to focus more on the altar and feel heavenly whenever we attend services and church functions? How better to highlight the Name of Jesus Christ? They provide more than the visual because theirs is a work that should tell a story of salvation in realistic motifs.

Leader: Bro. Knight Kholoma

ink portal

The Ink Portal team are the few who wield not swords but pens. But they do carry shields – their laptops! They use their brains to write for the Lord by delivering the latest news and reports happening inside and around the Kingdom of God.

Leader: Sis. Odie Bucud

soul processor

The processor of souls – the souls behind the modern marvel we call computer and Internet. They are the network specialists and programmers in-charge of keeping the Church updated with the times and new technologies. Through them, we are and we can minister to a much wider audience effectively and faster than ever before.

Leader: Bro. Jonathan Tan

louie’s cup

  • Rebounder’s League
  • Fun Ball


The trusted people in protecting and contributing to the finances of the Church belong to the Ophir team. Protectors of our Cave of Treasures, informants and distributor of our church merchandise needs.

Leader: Sis. Racquel M. Santos